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About Us


Don Bullard Insurance being an Independent Insurance Agency, we invite you to explore the difference between our Agency and those of captive agencies. Don Bullard Insurance Agencies commitment of unparalleled price savings, top rate service, multiple discounts and a broader range of insurance options will make you glad you took a look at us. Consider if our blend of service, focus and selection could make a difference in your insurance coverage…. Let us know if we can help to save you some of your hard earned money while insuring your ideal future.

Since 1972 our menu of insurance products, coverage options and client service has grown and matured. Don Bullard Insurance Agents have long been known for their guidance, whether it’s the simpler routine of helping homeowners with home insurance selection and the annual review we recommend, or the skillfully adept you need to manage the details of custom insurance or the most troubling claims process. You can count on us for the knowledge, experience and concern for individuals and families on home, auto, marine insurance matters.





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