Do you need an umbrella policy? A lot of people aren’t even sure what an umbrella policy is. An umbrella is additional liability coverage. It is designed to help protect you from major claims and lawsuits and protect your assets and your future.

The next logical question would be, “Do I need an umbrella policy?” It’s entirely possible. Do you own a home? Do you own any significant assets in addition to your home? Do you have an investment portfolio or retirement that could be at risk should you suffer a large lawsuit?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions ask yourself one more question. Are your assets already adequately protected? Let’s think about this… Add up all your assets – your home, money in the bank, stocks, bonds, 401(k) plans or other retirement plans. Then, take a look at the liability coverage you currently have in place on your home, auto, boat or any other recreational policy. Do any one of those policies (individually) have enough coverage to protect those assets?

Umbrella coverage is an inexpensive and a great way to protect what you have for you and your loved ones. If you’ve decided you would like to look into this further please call us today for a free quote.

Already Have An Umbrella Policy? Great! We love that you are protecting what you have worked so hard for. One word of advise – call your agent to make sure your policy is up to date.